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Driving instructors training course

Driving instructors training course

We provide training with an approved driving instructor who have achieved a ‘A Grade’ or the old ‘Grade 6’:

  • PDI Part 1 - Theory preparation

  • PDI Part 2 - Test of your driving ability

  • PDI Part 3 - Test of your ability to instruct pupils

  • ADI support for standard check test

Please call for price list: Speak to Noel Christopher 07960952703

The greatest mind of our time, Albert Einstein said;

"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself"

This is one of the reasons why so many driving instructor do not achieve Grade 6 or A Grade (new standard).

"By understanding and applying at the unconscious level you will over come the greatest enemy 'fear' because when your mind is focused fear is over come"

Tip. To all driving instructors, try this technique;
  • When you get a student who stalls the car at the traffic lights or at junctions
  • Ask your student to say, "I can do it by slowing riding the clutch", believe me, I have done this for the past 17 years with very high success rate with some of the most nervous driver's around.

  • If it works for your student, please send me an text, I will be great-full for your professional opinion.

Tip. How to get that A grade on your next standard test. Apply the Power of Smile and be firm when is appropriate  - Active Listening - 
Detail Observations - 
Ask question in a manner that will help your student to
what they did, how they could have done it differently so to become a safe driver. Remember to give Positive Feedback. "Learn the art of coaching"

Try the above methods by simply applying it every day in your life and at work. It works like magic.

Whatever a person's mind dwells on
intensely and with firm resolve,
that is exactly what he becomes.

~ Shankaracharya ~

If you need help to achieve your desire to become an Grade 6 Driving Instructor please call me on 07960952703.

I will be your guide.