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Extended Driving Test

Extended driving test instructors in East london and Essex

This service is provided by Noel Christopher and his business associates who are very highly approved qualified instructor by the DVSA.

The extended driving test is harder to pass and therefore you must find a qualified approved driving instructor, but one that is specialised in the field. The teaching and assessment needs is a higher standard. Normally provided by a Grade 6 or A Grade approved driving instructors.

The extended test is more intense than the normal driving test and will include a variety of roads including dual carriageways and all driving manoeuvres, sticking to speed limits and must not exceed at all. Show safe, Eco friendly driving and show consideration to other road users.

How to prepare for the Extended Driving Test in Essex and East London

If you have been disqualified and going to sit for an extended driving test be well prepared, it is just not a normal L plate driving test. You must be fully prepared and have the ability to drive with your driving instructor for the whole duration without any serious/dangerous or more than 15 minor faults.

This drivers should take lessons from a highly qualified driving instructor like Grade 6 or A Grade prior to sitting the extended driving tests. There are some driving schools and driving instructors who will not teach previously disqualified drivers due to:

  • Insurance problems

  • Lack of skills to teach an experience students

  • Fear of the aggressive nature

The extended driving tests do come with higher fees than standard driving tests and not all test centers provide the extended driving test service.

Why choose Noel! "Well I have coached many clients in preparing them for the 70 minutes extended driving test. So far I have 100 % pass rate just like with the part 2 advance driving test for driving instructor"

Shaney Fear passed his extended driving test in Tilbury with only 4 minor faults.