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Grade 6 Instructor

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Grade 6 driving instructors
are the highest grade which can be given to a instructor by the DSA. There are only about 6% grade 6 driving instructors in UK. They are the best of the best instructors. DSA grade 6 

The DSA will Grade approved driving instructor (ADI) on the final part 3 test or the check tests

DSA Senior Examiner will grade the driving instructor performance on a scale of one to six and give a copy of the marking sheet (ADI 26C/T).

The grade will determine how long it'll be before they have to take the next check test.

ADI check test grades:

  • Grade Six - Very high overall performance - only 5-6% ADIs
  • Grade Five - Good overall performance - 34% ADIs
  • Grade Four - Satisfactory overall performance - 54% ADIs
  • Grade Three - Inadequate overall performance
  • Grade Two - Poor overall performance
  • Grade One - Extremely poor overall performance
  • Grade E - Educational check test

If the driving instructor get substandard grade on a check test, they will need to take another check test in order to reach the required standard to stay on the ADI register.