Failing for moving off safely

How to avoid failing the driving test, when moving off from a park position.

The examiner will ask you to move off when you are ready

This is what you should do:

  • ·     Use the POM routine (preparation – observations – manoeuvre)
  • ·     Use the MSM routine
  • ·     Check all around from the left blind spot, mirrors and right blind spot
  • ·     Move off in the correct gear

This is what happened to a student on a driving test in Chingford test centre:

Mrs Destiny shall share her bad news, how she failed the driving test in Chingford UK on the 3 rd time around.

  • ·     Age proximity 35 years old
  • ·     Years of experience on the road
  • ·     Two driving instructor before me
  • ·     Done about 4 hours with me
  • ·     Driving mainly around the East London
  • ·     2 hrs - drive in Chingford before the test

Destiny came out from the Chingford test center. Done the eye test and show me tell me question and got it all correct. The examiner asked the student, "go and sit in the car and make your self comfortable while I do some check".

Destiny was calm and looking confident. When the examiner has visually checked the car, making sure the tyres are within the legal requirement and a valid road tax is displayed on the car wind screen.

The examiner got in the car. Checked my driving instructor badge displayed on the left side of the wind screen and take note of the name and badge number. The examiner at this stage will give a briefing on what is going to happen on the driving test and the driving test will last about 38 to 40 minutes.

I didn’t go with Destiny on this occasion as she requested not to sit in on her driving test.

I believe when Destiny was ready to go, she put the signal on and waited, while she was still doing her observation, a motor bike came around the junction which is about 100 foot away from her.

The motor bike stop to let the learner driver go, what a gentleman and a safe biker he is, begin courteous to other road users. I have to say, "there are not many people like that around".

Destiny was in a cache 22 situation. If she moved she will fail, if she didn’t she will fail.

The man on the motor bike, after waiting for about 30 sec, which seem to me about 5 minutes, got impatient and shoot away into the street. Then Destiny moved off smoothly onto the road.

I was sad to see this happen, but not least surprised because Destiny didn’t thoroughly understood the importance's of moving off safely and under control without causing other road users to stop, slow down or over-take when moving off from a park position during the driving lessons.

Why, Destiny was not able to follow a simple procedure? You may ask;

·        was it driving test anxiety?

·        fear of the examiner?

·        lack of knowledge?

·        lack of skill?

·        Sub-standard driving instructor?

It could be any one or a combination, the answer is Destiny was driving around for many years on the road with her bad habits, called sub consciously competent, habits which is in-grained into her system (bad or good habits).

Destiny had other driving instructors before she came to me after failing her driving tests. She did not know the rule for moving off safely and have never been explained to her, how by leaving the signal on and not moving off may fail the driving test under certain circumstances.

Destiny failed her driving test because her perception and knowledge of moving off safety and under control is not the same as what is required. She was not able to perform this action due to lack of understanding the knowledge which is required.

We had many discussions on this matter, but still many times Destiny will try to move off with signal on before checking all-round.

As a driving instructor I have seen many occasions were driving school cars on the road, where the student is waiting to move off with the signal 'ON' even thou my leaner driver is still coming down the road who has enough time to react to the signal. I remembered once it happened in Barking were a leaner driver car left the signal on as my driver approached about 6 car length away came to a stop and let the driver pull out. I said to my student “well done” followed by an explanation.

These kind of small mistakes happens every day by driving school instructors working for the nation school of motoring organisations or just that independent driving school instructor.

So it’s not about the driving school which lacks service or competence but the competence of the driving instructors to teach effectively, safely and within the frame work of the DVSA driving test requirements.

So the next time you see some learner driver do this, remember Destiny in Chingford driving test center.

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