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"Many thanks to all my present and pass students', you have bought me prosperity and life skills knowledge. I feel, I am very fortunate to have been your driving instructor and friend, able to experience and share my skills with you all. Best wishes on your journey and drive safe"

  1.  Simona Barsketyte passed in Goodmayes with only 4 minor

Students and testimonial

Youliang - Student from Docklands (Excel)

Dear Noel:

Passed, Thank you so much for your training, you are the best instructor i'd ever met.
I was very much impressed by your art of driver training, I was benefited greatly from it.

I was with many other driving instructors before I finally met you, here are your differences:

  1. Extremely knowledgeable and skilled ( in driving and teaching)
  2. Very discipline, (strict, follow the rules at all times, never take any chance).
  3. Always arrived earlier before lesson start, and 1 hour driving lesson really means 1 hour driving and learning. 
  4. Correct every driver mistake I made straight way.( I had so many bad habits learned from many other driving instructors, had many lesson with them, I still had no idea what to do, or where is my problem, how to correct them, you found all my weakness from the very first lesson, and correct them straight and repeatedly reminding me until I finally correct that bad habit).
  5. After every lesson, I found myself improved a lot, learned a lot, I was always looking forward to next lesson. that was brilliant feeling. ever lesson, I correct many mistakes, and learned new skills.
  6. I always worry about being panic when car stalled or hit the kerb during the test, but your tips really made me relaxed and confident.
  7. My test was in Barking, today the testing route was very familiar to me, because you took me to all these driving test routes before my test, this gave me even more confidence during my test.
  8. ...

There are much more, but i just couldn't wait to recommend you to other learners.

Thank you again for your training!  now i 'm really busy looking for a new car, I will practice all the skills I learned from you,remember all tips you told me, be a safe driver at all the times.


Thank you for the lovely review Youliang. Do you want to now some of the skills I thought my students how to learn from others? If so I am writing a book why so many learner drivers fail the UK driving test. Click here "Defeated Drivers"

Defeated Drivers

Leanne Fuller Testimonial 2010

I had two previous driving instructors before Noel Christopher, so it’s easy for me to see the great amount of difference there can be in an instructor, and that is exactly what Noel is, a driving instructor. He will teach you not only how to drive, but how to drive safely, and how to pass your test. Every lesson with Noel is an assessment.

Noel’s style of teaching is, in my opinion, the most successful. If you are making an error he explains what you are doing, how you can stop doing it, and will point it out to you until it is as glaringly obvious to you as it is to him.

Noel is not strict and unapproachable, he has just the right balance of easy going and being forceful when he needs to be. The difference between the two is what helped me to pass.

Noel being easy going helped me relax and learn as well as ask all the little questions I thought might be stupid. Noel being forceful with me is what helped me eradicate the major problems with my driving style and become not only a driver that was capable of passing a driving test, but a driver whose lessons will stay with them and lead to them being a much safer driver in the future. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Noel!

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