age 75

Afro-Caribbean background age 75 years old of East Ham

Refresher driving lessons

Comment from Noel.

Reason for refresher driving lessons is go shopping, medical appointments to doctors and hospitals without waiting for local transport or families to take her around. She needed a sense of independence.

Personal written letter from Janis.

I am an older driver and have found Noel Christopher to be calm, firm, knowledgeable, and reliable with a very good sense of humour. He is honest also.

I found the info on Noel’s driving school on the internet. Past students gave really positive feedback which gave me the courage to make contact.

Just hearing Noel’s calm friendly voice influenced my decisions to set up driving lessons.

I am refreshing my driving skills after many years of not driving. I have been very nervous as conditions on the roads today are more demanding than 40 years ago and I have made progress in my time with Noel Christopher.

J Easy

Like to learn to drive in East Ham London, why not call on 07960952703