Archana Venugopan

Archana Venugopan - Driving Test in Goodmayes

This testimonial is from Archana Venugopan. She took her driving lessons in Canning Town East London E16. Archana is an experience driver from India, but needed some help to become a better driver in order to pass her driving test in Goodmayes. Please find driving school in Goodmayes by

The testimonial:

I would honestly say that Noel Christopher was simply brilliant in helping me to pass my driving test and I absolutely loved my time learning to drive with him. He is an amazing instructor and is more like a friend than a teacher and he always made me feel confident whilst driving.

We would always have a laugh during lessons whilst still retaining a very serious undertone and without Noel there is no way that I could have passed the test.

He got a real passion for teaching people. He gives utmost importance to even very minor details which can even be overlooked by test instructors whilst maintaining safety drive all the time. Just before the test I was so nervous, but the kind of positive energy/confidence he brought in me that juncture is the experience that I will never forget. Thank you so much Noel.