Asfa Ali

Asfa Ali had driving lessons in Plaistow, Barking and Goodmayes. 

Being with my Instructor Noel Christopher for over two years (on and off) just shows how patient he was for me to pass my driving test.

He gave me a lot of knowledge and guidance which will stay with me even after passing me test.

Noel techniques made me feel very comfortable to drive as a learner with him. When i needed the push he would encourage me to do so. Noel does not spoon feed his students he like to see if his student understand driving on there own but that is when your at the stage where your meant to have a idea on what to do.

I realised he meets the needs of the student. As he has taught a few members of my family he came about a different approach for all of us. For example he realised that I learn better reading what to do he advised me into buying a book that would help me. When i made all my mistakes and believe me there were a lot of them he was very patient and determined to help me understand what i was doing wrong and how i can come about making these mistakes. 

He is a nice man and is very friendly but when it time to be a teacher he don’t hold back. Also he gives credit for good driving when it's due. But one thing i liked about him was that when i made a mistake while I was driving he would wait until we pulled up to explain and talk about it. His famous line was ‘What was wrong there?’. I think these qualities of his have helped me passed me test first time round with only 2 minor mistakes.

I recommend anyone that willing to listen to a trained driving instructor to choose Noel. He will always guarantee a pass in your test and he always there to help.


Thanks Noel for all your help..

Asfa Ali

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