Elzbieta Baubliene

Elzbieta Baubliene of South Ockendon Essex learnt to drive with Ockendon Driving School

Elzbieta Baubliene

Hello, my name is Elzbieta B. And I'm a full time mum plus do a part time job.

I moved to Essex few years ago in 2012, previously I lived in London and used public transport and never needed a car. So it was time to start to learn how to drive! 

I done search on the website regarding driving instructors. I was searching by the area and there are many to choose from but when I read all the good reviews and many years of experience about Noel Christopher who was highly recommended! It was very challenging but I did it thanks to Noel. He had lots of patience with me.

Examiner was very polite and explained to me what to expect from this exam, I was very nervous and she understood that. Tilbury test center it's a very difficult place, it's lots of roundabouts but if you learn how drive there, it'll be ease to drive anywhere

Two days before exam I had a dream that I passed and at the end I give a hug to my examiner. At the exam day in Tilbury Essex I thought I fail again... and the answer is YES you passed! I start to cry it was tears of happiness and I asked her do you mind if I give you a hug, I thought I supposed to do that. So it was challenging and it was hard but I did it.!

My advice is, don't give up!