Fahmeda Rahman

Fahmeda Rahman

I first started taking driving lessons with Noel around early Summer of 2015. I was 30 years old, recently separated and single mother to one small child. 

My confidence was in pieces. Previously, I had tried to learn how to drive but with no luck. I felt like my instructors and I weren't on the same level. And so I abandoned the lessons for 10 years.

I decided that I wanted to resume my lessons because I was fed up of using public transport. And so I searched for an instructor but after speaking to them, I felt like I couldn't succeed with them. I then stumbled upon Noel's Driving School, and call it Divine Intervention or the Universe speaking to you, I thought, "His testimonials sound great. I think he's the one."

My first lesson was a disaster. I had zero self confidence, I made myself think that I had learning difficulties because I couldn't grasp the basics of driving and I felt really bad about myself. But Noel didn't give up, not even once. I remember going home on a few occasions in tears because I had a bad lesson. And the next time I saw him, I'd tell him how I felt like rubbish and I couldn't possibly learn how to drive. But he had so much patience and faith in me. He gave me tools to help me be more confident, to love myself and to be the better version of me. Once I had started to improve on a personal level, that reflected in my ability to drive better.

His teaching methods are priceless. It's not mechanical like all the other instructors. He teaches you action and cause. Why things happen when you do it a certain way. How to visualise, how repetition and talking things through to myself would help me grasp and improve my driving.

He is a non aggressive teacher. A guru! He has not once made me feel ashamed or stupid when I made mistakes. He'd lift me up.

My lessons with him hold fond memories of talking about the most profound subjects. I'd happily chat away with him.

Noel, you have changed me as a person. I am a better version of the emotional mess that you met two years ago. I'm confident. I know my self worth. I know that I am not stupid. I am capable. And most of all....I can blooming drive! 

Two years in the making and I passed first time round with one minor. 

We finally did it, Noel, and we did good.