Jack James Rush

Jack came over to my driving school, cause his driving instructor didn't  keep his appointments and poor time keeping. When Jack gave his address I recognized that place, were I use to pick up Megan Rush ( Jack's sister), she passed with flying colours. 

This is Megan Rush testimonial:  “LEARN WITH NOEL! I would recommend Noel to anyone who actually wants to pass their driving test. I never knew how poor my previous driving school was until I found Noel on-line.”  TOP CLASS

Megan Rush

Jack James Rush passed his driving test in Goodmayes the first time around. Jack was a quick learner and had good road sense. Well done Jack

My Testimonial by Jack Rush

Noel was the complete opposite of the driving instructor who had taught me for the first five months! Noel was always on time completely honest and professional. The main differences I found with noel was once I had made a mistake he made me pull up and explain what I had done wrong, which made it completely clear what i had done wrong, in turn actually teaching me not only how to drive but how to react to the mistakes of other drivers. Noels car a 1.6L Diesel Corsa was very comfortable to drive and I felt that i was in control of the car. After only four weeks with noel I took my driving test in the Goodmayes area and passed first time driving in snowy conditions, I would highly recommend Noel as my first instructor was a waste of time.