Kandy Kinchin


East Ham Driving School by Noel Christopher

I would firstly like to say a huge thank you to Noel for helping me to pass my test first time. I was very nervous when taking driving lessons, however Noel always gave me the encouragement I needed to settle my nerves. Not only did Noel teach me how to drive and become confident in my abilities he also taught me how to control my nerves and help me to change the way I think about situations.

I was originally going to take my driving test a few months ago; however Noel suggested I waited as he did not believe I was quite ready. I am so glad I followed Noel’s advice as I have now passed first time.

Noel has always made me feel so comfortable on my driving lessons, each step is always fully explained and any areas in which I was weak on, Noel helped me to overcome my fears and to see anything I was afraid of as a challenge.

If I know of anyone who wants to learn to drive I would definitely recommend Noel. Thank you once again for all your patience and guidance.

Kandy Bright