Maciej Musialik

Maciej Musialik

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This testimonial is from Maciej the magician, a street and stage magician who will give you many hours of joy and attention.

Maciej wanted a driving instructor in Barking with a  Grade 6 instructor to teach him the art of learning to learn using the power of the driver within all of us. Maciej learnt to drive competently and able to execute skills on demand without thinking about how! It's called the driver within you. When Maciej learnt to 'let go' the ego in him, the frustration began to fade away, which helped to execute correctly and much of his problems were over.

The Testimonial

"Practical driving test is like stage performance. In both scenarios you have to be well prepared and confident so you can impress your audience and make them feel comfortable. During your practical test, your only audience is you examiner. You have to show him/her good skills while driving and make her/him feel safe.

In order to do so, you need a teacher with perfect teaching skills and knowledge. Noel is exactly like that. He is professionalpatient always on time but most of all he is a human being. He understands you and your needs. I know it because I was his student for over two months. Before Noel I had another instructor who had no interest in his work an it was really difficult to learn next to him. This is why I failed the first time I took practical driving test.

But Noel not only taught me how to drive, but also gave me philosophical ideas to look forward in life. He is a master driving instructor and a very kind person!

Micheal Ammar , master magician, says that "practice doesn't make you perfect , only perfect practice does..." While preparing for your practical test -  Perfect repetition of maneuvers, turnings, stops etc. is necessary! But to learn those skills perfectly you need the best driving instructor. Noel Christopher is the one and I would recommend him to everyone!"Barking driving school

Thank you Noel!
All the best!