Nasha Khandwalla

Nasha passed her driving test in Wanstead with flying colors.

Dear Noel,

"Having tried about 3 different driving instructors prior to Noel, I was adamant to find an instructor that knew how to make a student pass a driving test! I came across - and read the student testimonials, which were all full of praise and commendation. This made me want to believe it for myself! I hadn't driven for a few months, and had a driving test scheduled in a couple of days, so I wasn't sure if Noel would consider taking on the challenge, but he did. Adapting to a new car and a new instructor with a test in 2 days time seems like a lot of pressure, but Noel made the transition easy and gave me many useful hints and tips which I will never forget! He really built up my confidence which enabled me to pass my test with just 3 minors.

I have full trust in Noel's techniques and teaching methods, which he delivers in a calm and collected manner, and I would definitely recommend him to future drivers, whether its your first or fifth attempt, with him you can be sure to learn excellent driving skills which will stay with you forever.
Thank you Noel!"

Hope it makes the final cut! :)

Thanks once again,