Palanithurai Balamanoharan

Palanithurai Balamanoharan from Barking Side. He took his driving lessons in Goodmayes.



I have been a student of Mr Noel Christopher within a short period. To be honest As I am an international student I did not take my lessons regularly although Noel strictly advised me to take the lessons regularly because I had to go to university and concentrate myself to studies.

What a surprise to me I have passed the driving exam. When my examiner said to me that you passed your driving exam ….. that the moment !! Where I was? I asked myself ; I really appalled. My one of long cherished ambition came to true.

His way of instructions is very different than others and he adopts a different way of teaching to the learners according to their skill that is why he is fully occupied with his time and he got good family friends and he deserves to have good reputation in the society.

Every time when I start to drive I always feel that Noel is with me so now no more problem for me on the road.

One day I made a mistake and I confirmed that Oh!! Noel did not notify it ….when I made the same mistake again. he stopped me and asked me

“Now tell me why did you made it even second time” Oh God !

Even now I am unable to adjudge How Noel saw my previous mistake ??? Without tilting his head he can tell what mistakes we made.

Yeah the answer is ..

His experience in that field called professionalism.

I would like to recommend Noel for specially those who are nervous and whatever age they are.

Many thanks Noel Christopher for making me not only pass the exam but also making me drive safely on the road. God Bless You.

With regards,

p. bala