Rajkannan Ramji

Hi Noel,

Rajkannan Ramji Testimonial
I'm Raj, working as an Account Manager in London.

Thanks to Noel, Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Honestly he gave me everything I needed to pass. It’s incredible that I got the same route as my test route where I learned my lessons.

Though I had a very few lessens with him, I learned not only the skills of driving but also lessons for life. Noel helped me to plan and implement them through vision. I felt extremely comfortable thought my classes.

I was taking lessons previously with a different driving school and changing to NOEL proved to be a great decision. He gave me the confidence and THE SECRET to life during all his lessons and the vision before my test that I will definitely pass.

I will highly recommend him.


"Rajkannan pass his driving test in Barking with only 2 minor fault.