Reka Samuel

Reka Samuel
Reka Samuel - Student - Part time Sales Associate.

Before I chose Noel as a driving instructor I had failed twice with my previous instructor which meant I lost confidence and felt even more pressured in wanting to pass.

While I thought I knew what was needed in order for me to start driving, once I started learning with Noel I realised that I had not been taught a lot of important techniques and theories to ensure I was ready to be on the roads.

What made me change to Noel’s driving school was the good testimonies that previous students had left on his website, also he was qualified as a Grade 6 instructor which suggested a high level of skill.

I hadn't driven a car since I failed my test 6 months ago when I started driving with Noel as a new instructor so my confidence was very low, but on the very first lesson he gave me advice that I won’t forget which was to think positive and smile whilst I am facing an obstacle. Even though it was not much it showed he used other knowledge to help me become a better driver a quality that separates him from the previous instructor I had.

When I would make a mistake I would be made aware of the seriousness of it, and no mistake was any much worse than another as they could all result in a serious scenario. Gradually my confidence grew and I felt much more comfortable on the road as well as safe.

He delivers a very efficient service, always on time, organised with payments and keeping track on your progress.

I definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a driving instructor, whether beginner or not, to join Noel driving school to start your journey or even to become a better one than you are today.

Reka Samuel