Shahid Joad

Hi Noel,

Testimonial from Shahid Joad for East Ham Driving School
"Before I write a testimonial.

I want to share my experience, may be it is of help to someone, prior to starting my driving lessons.

I contacted almost all the big companies in market but as usual the person on the other end of the phone was of management background, who had good sense to sell his products but absolutely no sense of driving, all they had was offers after offers, saying if I do X number of hours they will give me Y amount of discount and so on.

I told them we will discuss about the price and number of hours later but I need to know which instructor is available and I also need to have a word with them to see how good teacher they are and how much experience they have.

Unfortunately none of the big companies in the market could arrange such a talk with any of their instructors.

All this companies where very good at marketing, management & administration but there wasn’t any assurance if there instructors and teaching was of same level, in other word there was a sort of guarantee that the cover of the product looks good but there was absolutely no guarantee about the product inside, Honestly I felt its to much of a risk to commit X number of hours before even knowing quality and abilities of my instructor and more over none of the companies where ready to discus or be absolutely clear on ‘what if’

I don’t like the way of teaching and want to cancel my classes. I understood its one way road just like many insurance companies and banks where there are some penalties and strings attached and once I sign the agreement or made the payments then that’s it I will end up in bureaucracy if I dint walk their way. The most annoying thing was all this giant companies couldn’t even guarantee me if I will have same instructor through out the tenure.

With Noel my experience was totally opposite then above, he was the first person who dint had commercial approach but instead had more professional driving instructor approach, he start asking my background and my knowledge about driving etc.

We both decided to have a single class to see if we both are satisfied with each other.

Right from the first class what I like best in him was his honesty. He could have flattered me in the first class like others do, so that he doesn’t risk loosing a potential customer but instead he was extremely honest to tell me straight away where I was wrong and how I could improve on it.

There are many professional in the world with lots of work experience but the most difficult thing for every professional is to teach those skills to others.

Along with a decade of experience Noel has a unique ability that he is an excellent teacher, He certainly has the ability to pass on and teach his knowledge to his students,

He is not only so calm and patience but his instructions are so simple and practical that it dint only help me to pass the practical test but will also make me a good and safe driver in future. 

My wife is a doctor and she also took driving classes with Noel, I noticed that he had very different instruction and methods to her then me, which made me to think that he has ability to understand your personality and background and his simple and practical instruction and examples are based on grasping power of an individual so that they learn efficiently and progress rapidly.

If he would have used the method of my wife on me and vice versa I wouldn’t have passed the exam or would have taken long time to do so and nor would I have enjoyed the entire process of learning.

I want to thank you Noel for not only helping me to pass my exam but also to make the entire process of learning so less frustrating and instead making it smoother and enjoyable.

The credit of me passing the exam goes totally to you. It was your enthusiasm and dedication which made me such a good and safe driver and gave me a very different perspective of driving.

My honest advice to you Noel is, you should start charging more, you really offer a very good quality service at such a competitive rates. If people like you happens to join the big brands in market you will definitely be a Senior Instructor teaching the Junior instructor, who ultimately end up teaching student like us at such a high rate because they have to cover the cost of management, accountant and utility bills etc of so many branches and to even balance the loss sheet from less profitable branches to core and more profitable branches. DO THINK ABOUT MY ADVICE!

If I had to rank you I will give you 9.8 out of 10, and would definitely recommend you to all my colleagues and friends.

Wish you all the best!

Shahid Joad

Senior Architect, BArch, MLA