Simona Barsketyte

Passed driving test in Goodmayes Mrs Simona Barsketyte

Simona Barsketyte

Noel Christopher is  a very good  driving instructor, who I got on with very well.

He pushed me when necessary and kept his patience; considering I had no experience driving a car until I started my lesson with him in February 2016.

I was very nervous about learning to drive but Noel really helped me to feel confident and calm from the very first lesson.

I really enjoyed my driving lessons, I always received really good feedback on what I was doing well and what I needed to practice more. I always felt so motivated after my lessons to improve on my driving, and it is due to all these reasons that I have been able to pass my test first time with only 4 minor faults.

He always provided constructive feedback which helped me along my way. I would recommend Noel Christopher Driving School to anyone who wants to pass first time.

Simona Barsketyte.


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