Thanushala Pratheesh

Noel Christopher ADI is a brilliant instructor he has a really good way of teaching.

The best part of his teaching I felt was that he would always make you pull up, if you made a mistake that need attention or bad habit returning, you will find that correcting it improves your driving and makes it easier.

He is the first instructor I know that does do Mock Tests which helped me. I was one of your nervous student, who panics a lot whenever I make a mistake.

Thank you very much for your dedication and constant encouragement during my time of learning with your driving school.

You was more than a instructor, you are also a counsellor and health adviser. Thank you for your tips;

health tips
calming techniques
encouragements too

You are the best! always on time, giving your student their money's worth .

Thank you again!

Thanushala Pratheesh