Tra nguyen

Tra Nguyen

Tra Nguyen testimonial for South Ockendon Driving School

My name is My Tra Nguyen, a University student.
I had my provisional license when I turned 17, straight away I took the theory test and was very excited about learning to drive.

At first I thought I could learn to drive and able to pass the practical test within a year or so. Believe it or not I had 3 previous driving instructors before Noel Christopher.

My first instructor gave up on me after few lessons, without giving me any reason or explanation.

I than found another instructor but it did not work out for me either, but this time I knew that the instructor was not right for me. So once again I changed to another instructor.

Within the period of 2 years I had 3 instructors and failed 3 practical tests, I started losing my confidence in driving. I gave myself a little time off and did not think of learning again but as my lifestyle changed.

I needed to be able to drive, so I started the search for a new instructor. I came across to many driving schools and private instructors but when I saw Noel's South Ockendon driving school website, instinctively I said to myself, I will give this person a go.

He seems like he knows what he is talking about. I contacted Noel and started having my first lesson. Instantly, I had a positive feeling that he might be able to help me with my driving and the lack of confidence I had.

I found Noel to be very different from my previous instructors, the greatest thing about Noel is that he makes me believe in myself, believe that I can drive and what best about all my lessons was not only he correct my errors and mistakes but he made me understand thoroughly.

He always said to me, the best way to understand is to be able to teach someone what you have learnt. Believe me, I am not very good at teaching people or explaining things but Noel patiently let me explain back to him. It actually worked very well, I did not only learn but able to apply to every lesson.

Noel also taught me to visualize the road ahead and able to judge the hazards. Just after a few lessons with Noel, I felt like I could drive and felt confident again. I decided to book my test and I passed just after a month and half taking lessons with Noel.

I am 21 now and just recently bought a car and feeling confidence on the road even without the great instructor Noel sitting beside me.

I am so thankful and grateful that I chose Noel to be my instructor. Thank you Noel, YOU ARE AWESOME !!! 10 out of 10 !!! 
Mimi ( Tra Nguyen ).