Vicky Ishchenko

Vicky Ishchenko

Review from Vicky Ishchenko for driving School covering East Ham

Good afternoon Noel.

Sorry for the delay in my reply I'm trying my best to put my thoughts in correct direction in a short brief review, well here is my thoughts.

I was so nervous even thinking about driving that I put it off for years and well yes now in my 40’s I did pass my test and proud to call myself a driver with a big help from Noel Christopher ADI.

I found out about Noel Christopher driving school online, did some research and read many good reviews so I decided to try. Finally I was in the care of Noel and I could not have asked for a better driving instructor!

I'm not the easiest person at the best of times (sorry about  I'm still working hard on my attitude in silence) and also struggled with my ability to concentrate and stay focused, but Noel was extremely patient with me. He has a very unique style that means he adapts his teaching techniques according to the personality of the student.

Throughout lessons he remained calm, encouraging and supporting. The lessons I had were always extremely well planned and had a clear overall trajectory. It was clear to me that Noel enjoys teaching pupil. For him it is not all about the driving test; he makes sure you will be a safe driver (yes I‘ll remember about “ WHAT IF...”) for the rest of your life before and after the driving test.

I would highly recommend him to anyone and it’s definitely an A* driving instructor!!
Thanks Noel!

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