Wei Sun

Wei Sun

As a Chinese proverb goes, “An accomplished disciple owes his accomplishments to a great teacher.” I believe what I have learnt from Noel will become my great blessing.

I switched to Noel after failed my tests twice with my previous instructor. To be honest, I was quite frustrated with previous learning experience before I met Noel. Narrow roads, high speed limits on curvy country lanes, and low pass rates are already a big headache for me, not to mention the long waiting time for road test and the unpredictable reasons that postponed my test from time to time.

However, all problems solved when Noel became my instructor. He taught me to learn driving proactively and helped me build up confidence in driving day by day. I wish I met Noel from the very beginning. Not only because he knew exactly what the examiner expected from me and helped me break down the difficulties explicitly, but also he enlightened my passion for driving.

I like his way of teaching and communication. On the skill level, Noel corrected my bad habits with patience and talked my problems through collectively whenever I made mistakes. He also gave me tips that I find very handy. On the psychological aspect, he encouraged me to think positively about driving and enjoy every journey. Most importantly, he asked me to think the examiner as an old friend, which helped reduce my nervousness.

My experience of learning with him is inspiring and enjoyable. I have already recommended Noel to my friends as I am very grateful to him and will continue doing so.

Wei Sun from Docklands Isle Of Dogs. She got in contact with my company called Docklands Driving School. Passed the driving test in Goodmayes. I re-commented Goodmayes driving test center as I knew all the test routes. 1st time with my driving school.