Zia Rahim


Testimonial for Ilford Driving School from Zia Rahim of Ilford

I approached Noel looking for driving lessons after having failed 3 times.

At first I was unsure because of his relatively high prices in comparison to other driving schools. He did not try to convince me and just let me decide on my own which was very kind and yet he was surprisingly not as insistent as others.

I had a chance to read his website at Ldriver.co.uk which explained that he was a grade 6 driving instructor and he also provided spiritual guidance for free. I understood then that the price he had stated was very little for the services he would provide.

We had our first driving lesson and it was amazing, his way of teaching really suited me. He did not teach in a mechanical sort of way but almost in a logical manner. He shared his interest in self development and provided me with an array of audio books to keep me performing well in my driving lessons and in my work. As I was running a gardening business that meant that I had to be full of spirit all the time.

What I really liked was that he looked at the way I drove a car and then decided what the best way was to teach me. He did not have a book or a guide that he would expect me to follow. For instance, everyone is expected to follow the same curriculum in school but each person is an individual and should be given the time and effort to progress through a customised teaching plan. Unfortunately that is not always possible, however with Noel, this became a reality and for that I am very thankful.

I had my driving test on Friday 13th, not known as a very lucky day, although it didn’t affect me in the slightest because I was confident from the experience that I had gained while learning with Noel. However, I must admit I was very nervous because I did not think I was ready but Noel believed in me.

He gave me a tip which clearly set him apart from the other driving schools. He told me to say that the driving instructor was my friend and to imagine that I already had my license which I did before I went to sleep and when I woke up. I was a little hesitant that it wouldn’t work but when I saw my examiner I did not feel nervous and I literally felt like he was my friend. This was just one of the tips that he has given me throughout mydriving lessons. This, in turn, allowed me to become a great driver during the test and gave me the confidence to be able to drive independently.

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