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YouTube Practical Test from 4 Oct 2010

Novice driver - Pass Plus - Motorway - Advance driving - Refresher courses

  • One 2 One driving lessons (only one student at any time)
  • Full hour lessons
  • Personal driving lesson plans
  • Constructive learner driver activities
  • FREE In car Theory and Hazard Perception training
  • DSA lesson plans
  • Assessment throughout
  • I teach you how to learn and not tell you ....
  • Clean and non smoking car
  • Mock test. This is a simulation of the test

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By Dinesh Caldera

Thank you for helping me to pass the test on the first attempt .When I started driving with Noel Christopher I have never driven a vehicle before. With his patient, professionalism and practical advice really helped me. Mock driving test and final bust of driving lessons gave me confidence and able to fine-tune the manoeuvres. I highly recommend Mr Noel Chrstoper to acquire life skill of Driving.
Thank you very much once again and all the very best.
Dinesh Caldera. (Software Engineer )

By Paula

Driving instructor, Noel has good personal shills, kept calm and patient with me. I had two previous instructors who made me panic and nervous, but he didn't. It helped that Noel didn't mind explaining things over and over again. Taking intensive driving course did help me Pass FIRST time. After passing my test I joint Noel's Pass Plus driving school which was a great experience.
I also introduced some of my friend's for the refresher driving course.

By Carol

I have been a pupil of Noel Christopher approved ADI instructor. I think the thing that makes me different from many students that he teachers is that I started to learn to drive at the age of 55. I was very nervous and unsure if this venture was worth pursuing at my time of life. Noel gave me every confidence. His humour, skills and professionalism. I enjoyed driving lessons and new challenges as his "mature student" I would most definitely recommend him to young and not so young students.

By Dr Peter M Ralte B.Pharm, MBBS

I am writing with regards to Mr. Noel Christopher, my former driving instructor. Having previously been an experienced driver abroad, of some ten years or so, I found myself in the odd predicament of having to take a driving license practical exam. Merely by a stroke of luck I stumbled across Noel's East Ham driving school in yahoo search engine. From the first time I spoke with him I found him to be a very pleasant and accommodating man.

Noel took me on at short notice, and during my ten hours block booking driving lessons, he was quick to point out all of my errors and bad habits. He has a keen eye for fault finding and will quickly point out mistakes that will fail you in the practical exam. Apart from the superb instruction provided by Noel, I always found him to be very flexible with regards to the timings of our lessons.

For anyone who is preparing to take the driving practical exam, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Mr. Noel Christopher, he offers personalized training at hourly rates much below those that you would find at the larger organizations.

Thanks Noel, I wouldn't have passed without you Regards

By Denise Condon

I have been taking Block booking lessons with East Ham driving school ADI instructor Noel Christopher for about 4 months now.

I found him to be a very Patient Instructor, when a problem occurred while I was driving he would wait until we pulled up to explain and talk about it.

Very Informative when it's comes to questions about my up-coming test.
He gives credit for good driving when it's due.

My fingers are crossed that after Wednesday I won't be seeing Noel again......... TEST. Scary but I feel that I can only do my best and hoping that I will pass...

Denise did pass 1st time because of block booking driving lessons did help, and completed the pass plus driving school.

Denise Condon