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The driving lesson plan consist of 17 units. It's drawn up by the DSA who sets the driving test standard. Each unit is a detailed description of the course of instruction for an individual driving lesson.
  1. Controls
  2. Moving Off and Stopping
  3. Turn in the Road
  4. Reverse to the Left
  5. Reverse Parking - In the Bay
  6. Parallel Parking
  7. Emergency Stop and Mirrors
  8. Pedestrian Crossing and the use of signals
  9. Approaching junctions to turn left or right
  10. Emerging at T Junctions
  11. Crossroads
  12. Meeting other traffic
  13. Crossing other traffic
  14. Overtaking other traffic
  15. Adequate Clearance
  16. Roundabouts
  17. Progress, Hesitancy and Normal Positining