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Money Back Guarantee

Terms and conditions for promotions.

Learner drivers only
  • Phone or get confirmation for promotion deals
  • Phone before making any advance payments.
  • Promotions deals cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • Offers are correct at time of publications and can be removed without notices.
  • Only for new customers
  • Not valid for use for driving test or have booked the driving test before-hand.
  • Not valid for driving assessments, refresher courses and intensive courses
Conditions for Money back guarantee deals

Money back guarantee is for fully paid driving lesson with Noel Christopher ADI and is not with any 3rd party driving instructor or in conjunction with any other offers. Money back guarantee is not covered under unforeseen circumstance like traffic, client not fit to drive or act of God.

The learner (client) must exercise his or her rights at the end of the 1 hour driving lesson.
The maximum refund is one hour for fully paid driving lesson. Any refund will be done online to the client’s name bank account.

Money Back Guarantee

My money back guarantee is a unique product and the only one that I know off in the driving school industry providing learner drivers with total peace of mind. Knowing this company is willing to put their money where their mouth is.

I believe this unique offer reassure clients that the service will be kept at a high standard in times of the down turn economy crisis we are in (year 2010). Customers wanting cheaper and more value for money which drives price down to an extent companies are finding ways to cut cost and in most cases are providing poor services because you can only stretch a rubber band so much then it will break.

This is why some big companies like BSM and other national driving school closed shop or got bought up for a £1 by larger companies. AA snapped up BSM for £1.00 - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1352260/AA-buys-UKs-biggest-driving-school-BSM--just-1.html

Most of these large national driving school companies are in the competitive market with each other and not providing innovative services aimed for the overall benefits for the customers in mind.

You can sell a product at minimum cost and still make either £20 profit per month or £2 million profit selling at a large bulk, such as clothes or toothbrushes this is what national driving school is doing, but it’s your driving instructor who really is taking the cost on-board. Do you really think this will not affect the individual one to one in car driving tuition? The answer is probably yes! Why, because they can only teach one pupil at a time which limits the instructors earning per hour. So there is a minimum profit one needs to make in order to provide basic needs and be satisfied financially. It's only when a person is happy and who is rewarded for the services they provide can they teach at a high level in return. Learner driver want effective learning program and not just a cheap driving lessons.

This is why I started to give this unique product to my customers who needed a high standard and maintaining a very cost effective learner driving program with peace of mind since year 2000.                                        
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