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beat parking tickets

The 18-year-old from London received 30 parking tickets over a nine-month period after passing his test. Believing that the council was operating on a “tickets first and ask questions later” policy and fining Joshua for what he believed were trivial reasons, the teenager spent hundreds of hours appealing the tickets and in many cases, winning.

The time-draining experience led Joshua to set up, a website where motorists can choose from a selection of 12 defence options and fill out their details before the resulting automatically-generated appeal is sent on to the council; the entire process takes under one minute. The service has proven to be hugely popular with the site initially crashing under the strain of applications from irate drivers.

While Joshua has set about expanding its capacity, he has no plans to charge motorists for using the  site – so if you feel you’ve been ticketed unfairly and lack the time, patience or experience to create an effective appeal, Joshua’s website could be, well, just the ticket.