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Eco Safe Driving

Eco-Safe Driving

Eco Safe driving/riding is a recognised and proven style of driving that contributes to road safety whilst reducing fuel consumption and emissions. If you make these changes you could reduce your fuel bill.

Your driving test

On your driving test report the examiner may have marked one or two of the following boxes.

1.       Control

2.       Planning


Start and moving away

·         Try to avoid excessive revving when starting your engine and moving away


·         Use the accelerator smoothly and progressively. When appropriate take your foot off the accelerator and allow the momentum of the vehicle to take you forward.  Avoid pumping the accelerator as this uses more fuel.


·         It’s not always necessary to change up or down through each gear; try skipping gears. As soon as conditions allow, use the highest possible gear, without making the engine struggle.

Appropriate use of speed

·         Ensure that your speed is appropriate to the road traffic and weather conditions. Consider how inappropriate speed can affect fuel consumption and emissions.


Hazard awareness / planning and anticipation

·         Identify hazards early, allowing adequate time to react – this will result in barking and acceleration that is smooth and progressive. Maintain space around your vehicle and drive calmly.

Engine braking

·         Use engine breaking when possible. With your foot fully off the accelerator the engine needs little, if any fuel.

Stopping the engine

·         When you are stuck in traffic or waiting for someone, the engine is iding so are wasting fuel and adding to CO2 emissions. If you are likely to be at a standstill for a while, simlp switch off your engine.

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Eco Safe Driving