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How to find a Good Driving Instructor in East London and Essex by Noel Christopher ADI Grade 6

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"How to find a good driving instructor”! By Noel Christopher

posted 23 Jan 2011, 12:30 by Noel Christopher   [ updated 20 Jan 2015, 14:42 ]

Grade 6 driving instructor for East London and Essex

Armed with the knowledge and skills which you will learn, you can definitely be sure you will be on your way to find a good driving instructor and pass your Driving Test the first time.”

How to find the best driving instructor or driving school

  • 1st by recommendation from friends and family
  • Do your research about driving instructors
  • Is the lesson on a One to One driver training
  • What is the average going rate per hour in your area
  • Beware of cheap lessons
  • How long has the driving instructor been teaching
  • Is the driving instructor fully qualified or trainee (ADI- PDI )
  • Is the driving lesson Full hour
  • What is the driving instructor grading? Set by the DSA more info
  • Does the instructor know the area
  • Does the instructor know the test routes
  • Are there any customer satisfaction guarantee or policy set-out

What are the 2 question you should never ask a driving instructor or driving school

  • What is the best price or the lowest price you will take
  • What is your pass rate
Cause you will never get a good teacher for low price

Did you know! All ADI's are checked by the DVSA who conduct the driving test also periodically check their ADIs for standards, it's called 'check test' and grade them from 1 to 6. There are over 46,956 registered ADIs (figures from business link government online - year 2011)

  • Grade 1 to 3 - 3,653 need to re-take their check test within few weeks or will lose their ADI license
  • Grade 4 - 24,524 the minimum standard required who are the majority of driving instructors. Also provide cheap driving lessons
  • Grade 5 - 15,975 having good over all standard with some weakness
  • Grade 6 - 2,804 having a very high standard as a teacher and an instructor. They are the Elite ADIs in the driving training industry. Above the average price by few pounds
So there are only about 6% grade 6 driving instructors around who can provide outstanding teaching and instructional skills to insure their student's have good driving knowledge and driving skills for life.

This is why grade 6 driving instructors do not need to provide cheap driving lessons as they are in great demand providing driving lessons for learners and teaching potential driving instructors PDI to maximise learning outcomes within a short period saving money in the long run. 

So learning with grade 6 instructors, you will stand a better chances of passing your driving test the first time and save money.

So if you want the best of the best driving instructors then learn with an GRADE 6 INSTRUCTOR

Some true facts you would not like to know about driving:
  • Fact: Nearly 70% of all learner drivers will fail their first driving test.
  • Fact: Most learner drivers are not ready for the test.
  • Fact: Most learners fear the thought of the driving test.
  • Fact: Most learner drivers are not taught up to the standard required by the DSA.
  • Fact: Most learner drivers are not given a mock test before their test.
  • Fact: Most learner drivers do not known the difference between driver fault and serious fault.
“If the last above three facts are not dealt with before your test, then you need to change your driving instructor. You may even save hundreds of pounds, so dump your driving instructor.”
Testimonials are 100% genuine and are unsolicited.
Student; Paula
Noel from East London driving school has good personal skills, kept calm and patient with me. I had two previous instructors who made me panic and nervous, but he didn’t. It helped that Noel didn’t mind explaining things over and over again. Passed FIRST time

First I am going to teach you;
  • how to learn to learn
  • how to over come fear that really works
  • how to learn to drive using PMA
  • how to pass your driving test the first time.
The knowing:
  • Know what it takes to pass the driving test
  • Know what the examiner is looking out for on the driving test
  • Know what your marking sheet DL25A report is: it’s the key to your success
  • Know how it’s marked and whether it’s a driver fault or serious fault
  • Know how to relax on your test date.  This will dramatically increase your success
  • Knowing when you are ready for test is the key in passing your driving test the first time.
“I give No Promise - No Guarantee - No Huffing and Puffing just Simple Sound Teaching Technique”
Did I say No Guarantee! well not true! I am so confident you will enjoy learning with me and feel relaxed on your driving lessons.

I promise if you not satisfied by the end of the 1st hour, tell me and I shall refund your 1 hour paid for tuition. Now do you know any Instructors or Driving Schools who are willing to give this much customer satisfaction service? If you know of any, please email me, as you have the best ‘value for money driving instructor’.
Testimonials are 100% genuine and are unsolicited.
Student; Anup
Before: Hi. My name is Anup and I am 22 years old practising Law. I am an individual who has had driving experience, but I have problem...I have taken my driving test 7 times and failed each one. I have had lessons with BSM and KIMs, but I now want someone who can give me a solid guide on mastering the art of driving. .........
After: This is a letter to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed taking my driving lesson with Noel. I just want to thank you for your excellent, friendly, professional approach in teaching me to drive. You have taught me not only how to me safe but also a surveyor in the jungle of driving. Now that I have obtained my full driving licence, I will do my up-most to continue using the skills I learnt on my driving course with you.
Many thanks driving instructor Noel... I cannot recommend you highly enough and will definitely let my friends and colleagues know about you, if they considering to take lesson with a view to obtain their full driving licence.

  • I will show you how you can be that ‘30% successful student’
  • I will teach you and guide you. Not ‘tell you’ as most trainers do.
  • I will explain exactly what you need to know in order to succeed in passing your driving test the first time
  • I will reveal the art of accelerated learning to drive in 3 easy steps
  • I will teach you how to self evaluate
  • I will show you how anyone can use my methods of learning with high success
  • I will teach you how to learn to relax and feel positive
  • I will teach you the power of Positive Mental Attitude to over come stress under pressure

Student: Dr Peter
Dr Peter M Ralte B.Pharm, MBBS
I am writing with regards to Mr. Noel Christopher, my former driving instructor. Having previously been an experienced driver abroad, of some ten years or so, I found myself in the odd predicament of having to take a driving license practical exam. Merely by a stroke of luck I stumbled across Noel's address. From the first time I spoke with him I found him to be a very pleasant and accommodating man.
Noel took me on at short notice, and during my ten hours or so of lessons he was quick to point out all of my errors and bad habits. He has a keen eye for fault finding and will quickly point out mistakes that will fail you in the practical exam. Apart from the superb instruction provided by Noel, I always found him to be very flexible with regards to the timings of our lessons.
For anyone who is preparing to take the driving practical exam, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Mr. Noel Christopher, he offers personalized training at hourly rates much below those that you would find at the larger organizations.
Thanks Noel, I wouldn't have passed without you Regards
Price compare:
† Franchise driving schools charges from £ 24 to £28 per hour (year2009)
† My driving school charges from £18 per full hour (year 2009)
So - you get all the above service at a very competitive price starting from only £20 per hour. Yes you have read it correctly. Other companies charge much more with less of the service I provide. Please note that I am an independent instructor, so I am restricted by the number of hours I can work per day.  Therefore I only take on board the following type of students.

Those who:
  • Have a desire to succeed
  • Have patience
  • Willingness to learn to become safe drivers
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Show good time keeping
I will share with you the top ten secret tips and techniques that will influence your examiner and significantly improve your chances of passing your driving test.
  1. Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  2. How to prepare mentally for your big day
  3. How to create the virtual instructor in your mind’s eye
There is no such thing as lucky! Every things happens for a reason.

So what can you do to prepare for your driving test? Here are 3 key areas any one reading this can help them to get closer to the 30%.
The following 3 key areas alone will dramatically improve your success rate.

Did you know driving skills and driving knowledge are useless to learner driver and experience driver with the wrong driving attitude?

Attitude: Right driving attitude will change with sound knowledge.
Example “Why should I give way, I have priority here”

Skills:  Having driving skills gives confidence.
Example: Learning how to do the parallel parking 2 days before the test.

Fear:  The enemy within: “Can Valium do the trick!”
Example “I hope the examiner does not ask me to turn right.”

Just pause and think about fear and some true facts of driving fear!


Did you know millions of drivers have a secret fear of turning Right.

A study found 34 per cent of women and 29 per cent of blokes take detours to avoid turning across traffic.

The poll of 3,000 drivers by insurer Churchill also found 43 per cent of drivers would rather take a long walk than park in a tight spot. 20 per cent fear getting on to motorways and 40 per cent aren’t confident driving at all.


          1. Turning right
         2. Joining motorways
         3. Hidden entrances
         4. Turning right
         5. Hidden entrances
         6. Driving near schools

“So if 40% of experienced drivers lack confidence, what about the poor learner drivers on the road. Your guess is as good as mine.”

Passing the 40-minute driving test the first time is easy if you are well prepared with up-to-date information, skills, attitude and controlling the inner enemy.

Unfortunately, many driving school only teach you just for the road test, not life time skills. So it’s important to choose wisely. So how do you know what makes a good instructor and teacher?  Here is a quick checklist to find out.

  • Looks professional
  • Arrives on time
  • Is a good communicator
If the above 3 points fit your driving instructor you are half way in your search.

If you still not sure read the above notes again or see my web site

Armed with the knowledge and skills that I will teach you, you can definitely be sure you WILL be on your way to passing your DRIVING TEST.

So why not give me a call or email me for a free consultation.

Noel Christopher 07960952703 – email

Last and finally: one more tip before I say goodbye.  If your driving instructor is quiet for more then 3 to 4 minutes other than during a mock test than ditch him or her and save yourself some money and time.

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